The increasing number of orphans and the destitute is a curse of the modern society. The sights of old parents abandoned by children because they are weak and sick and no more useless or a hindrance to the carefree life of the new generation, people who find life burdensome because they are poor, starving and homeless they were the source of inspiration for our superiors to start homes for the aged at Kothamangalam and Arakuzha. Our first old age home was started at Kothamangalam in 1928. Today St. Josephs Asylum houses 30 members including men and women.  In 1977 a second one was established at Arakuzha for women alone.

It was actually the fulfillment of a long cherished dream, for our superiors had wanted to begin a house like this in 1905.

Pavanatma Province shelters more than hundred girls in her orphanage at Vazhakulam. It was actually a dream of the community at Vazhakulam. Today the sisters are very happy because the orphanage provides them an opportunity to participate in the uplifting of the poor and the moulding of a generation of women who will always be an asset to society.
In addition to these traditional means of serving the poor, every community in the province is engaged in various kinds of charitable works which are found necessary in their specific circumstances.