Land Mark


  1. On the 28th day of August 1961, the new Province of CMC  with nine Convents Arakuzha, Kothamangalam,Vazhakulam, Muvattupuzha, Kallanickal, Arikuzha,Malippara, kuruppampady, Parathode 240 Sisters and 38 Candidates was born in the Diocese of Kothamangalam.
  2. A Convent at Kozhippilly  started on 1964 June 25.
  3. On 1967 December 14 Kozhippilly Convent was raised as a Provincial house.
  4. The beginning of Rajkot Mission on 1979 June 21.
  5. On February 4 ,1987 the official Magazine Pavanaresmi of the Province was published.
  6. The inauguration of Carmel Matha Mission Region on 1987 February 15.
  7. The Centenary Celebration of Arakuzha Convent on January 31st  1995.
  8. On 1995 October 25 Carmel Matha Province was formed.
  9. The opening of African Mission on May 4, 2000.
  10. Two milestones were announced on September 14 ,2003- The starting of Carmelgiri Province ,Idukki and Rajkot Vimal Jyoti Region.
  11. On November 20,2003, Carmelgiri Province was formally inaugruated.
  12. The inauguration and blessing of Vazhappilly Jeevodaya Counselling Centre  on March 25, 2008.

  13. On 2008    Obtained  the manager ship of St.Josephs GHS and LPS Arakuzha.

  14. On 2009 Formation of Pavanathma Corporate Educational Agency.

  15. On 2009 Obtained Minority status certificate for all our schools.  

  16. The Golden Jubilee celebration of Pavanathma Province on 15th August 2011.