New ventures

Counselling Department


1. Jeevodaya Counselling Centre cum Alcoholic de-addiction centre

       * Family Counselling

       * School Counselling

 Community Developement Department


2. Women Empowerment through Women -

         *  Livelyhood Programme - muttagramam project

3. Self Help Groups for Women, Elderly & Widows

4. SARATHY - A Helpline For Drivers

5. Alcoholic Anonimous Group

6. Chavara Women Welfare Centre

          * Tailoring, Training for tailoring, Craft Work, Host Making Unit(Mass Vestament, Altarlace,Crown)

7. Carmelgram - Bag Tailoring Unit

8. Housing project

Community Health


9. Home Palliative Care

10. Paraplegia - Group of Caregivers Of the Partially Paralysed People

          *Self Employment Training Programme

11. CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation for Disability)