Higher Secondary Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 St.Augustine's Girls Higher secondary school, Kothamangalam.
 2 St.Augustine's Girls Higher secondary school, Muvattupuzha.
 3 Vimala Public school ((CBSE), Thodupuzha..
 High School
 No  Name and Place
 1 St.Joseph's Girls High school, Arakuzha.
 2 Vimala Public School, Kuttampuzha.
 3 St.Augustine's G.H.S., Muvattupuzha.
 4 Little Theresa's High School, Vazhakulam.
 5 Vimala Public school, Vettimattom.
 Lower Primary Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 St.Joseph's L.P. School, Arakuzha.
 2 Vimala Public L.P School, Rajagiri.
 3 Sacred Heart L.P.School, Ramalloor.
 No  Name and Place
 1 Vimala Kindergarten, Thodupuzha..
 Special Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 Assisi School for the Deaf, Vazhapilly.
 Boardings For Girls
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Ann's Boarding, Arakuzha.
 2 St. Mary's Boarding, Muvattupuzha.
 3 St. Little Theresas Boarding, Vazhakulam.
 Hostels For Girls
 No  Name and Place
 1 Vimala Bhavan Boarding, Kothamangalam.
 Nursery School
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Joseph's Nursery School, Arakuzha.
 2 St. Marys Nursery School, Arikuzha.
 3 St. Josephs Nursery School, Kallanickal.
 4 St. Marys Nursery School, Karakunnam.
 5 Carmel Nursery School, Kothamangalam.
 6 Vimal Jyothi Nursery School, Kuruppampady.
 7 Vimala Public Nursery School, Kuttampuzha.
 8 Carmel Nursery School, Malippara.
 9 Fatima matha Nursery School, Malippara.
 10 Little Flower EM Nursery School, Muvattupuzha.
 11 Little Flower Nursery School, Muvattupuzha.
 12 St. Marys Nursery School, Nediasala.
 13 Little Flower Nursery School, Nedungapra.
 14 Carmel Nursery School, Nedungapra.
 15 Sacred Heart Nursery School, Ramalloor.
 16 St. Little Theresas Nursery School, Vazhakulam.
 17 Vimala Public Nursery School, Vellellu.
 18 Vimala Public Nursery School, Vettimattam.
 No  Name and Place
 1 Holy Trinity Balabhavan, Vazhakulam.
 Old Age Homes
 No  Name and Place
 1 Snehasadan Old age home, Arakuzha.
 2 St.Joseph old age home, Arakuzha.
 3 St.Joseph Asylum, Kothamangalam.
 Other Institutions
 No  Name and Place
 1 Carmelgram Social Centre, Karakunnam.
 2 Carmelgram Social Centre, Malippara.
 3 Chavara Bhavan, Ramalloor.
 Social Service
 No  Name and Place
 1 Kothamangalam Social Service Society, Kothamangalam.
 Counselling centre
 No  Name and Place
 1 Jeevodaya Institute of Counseling & Physiotherapy, Vazhappilly.
 2 Jeevodaya Counselling & De-Addiction Centre, Vazhappilly.
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