The year 1956 marked the bifurcation of the Ernakulam Archdiocese and the establishment of Kothamangalam Diocese. In 1961 the sisters of Ernakulam were divided into two provinces under one Mother General ( Mother Agnes ) as Vimala Province, Ernakulam and Pavanathma Province, Kothamangalam. Mother Angelus and Mother Mary Visitation were elected as mother provincials of Pavanathma Province and Vimala Province respectively. The formation of the Pavanathma Province was declared through a decree from the Holy See on 16th February 1961.

The Province started with only 9 houses and 278 members including novices and aspirants. Under the able guidance of our first Provincial, Mother Angelus and the paternal care of our Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathew Pothanamuzhy, the Province made rapid progress. Pavanathma Province became one among the five provinces subsequent to the amalgamation of the Diocesan Congregations. A Provincial house cum Novitiate house was established at Kozhippilly in the year 1964. Now the house at Kozhippilly, Kothamangalam is the headquarters and Novitiate house is at Ramalloor.

From 1968 onwards, the Province stepped out into the rich and vast mission fields in North India, especially in Bihar, M.P., Gujarat and West Bengal. On 17th February 1987 the Carmel Matha Region was formed comprising 8 houses in Bihar and M.P. In 1988, the houses in Gujarat were included in Carmel Matha Region. In 1989 the Region started a house in Calcutta, West Bengal. At the synaxis of 1995 Carmel Matha Region was declared as a Province excluding the houses in Gujarat. Gujarat was maintained as part of Pavanathma Province, Kothamangalam.

On 14th September 2003, consequent to the formation of Idukki Diocese, Pavanathma province Kothamangalam was bifurcated into two and established Carmelgiri Province Idukki. Simultaneously including six houses in Gujarat, Vimal Jyoti region Rajkot was formed.

At present the Province has 26 houses in Kerala. There are 462 sisters in the Province and 29 sisters in the Region. Our sisters are rendering various valuable services in many fields such as education, medical care, social work and other welfare activities. The dedicated and selfless apostolic work of our sisters according to the needs of the people are praiseworthy.

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