Social work

It is the second largest apostolate of the province. The Carmel Hill Social Centre was inaugurated at Karakunnam on 6 June 1971. With this venture we entered a new phase in the service of the people of God. The matchbox-manufacturing unit that was started here has become instrumental in providing regular income and a better life to around thirty girls.
As time passed, Matchbox Company became outdated and in its place a manufacturing unit of the Scoobee Day Bag was started with the help of the KITEX company. However, owing to legal and technical reasons, the unit was later shifted to Malippara. It has become a source of livelihood for many unemployed girls.
On 8 September 1991 we started the Chavara Centre at Ramalloor. Many unemployed girls are  appointed in this centre in different sections like tailoring, flower making, bouquet making for First Holy Communion and stitching altar clothes and other vestments. Another notable service at Sanjo Bhavan, Ramalloor is host making which is great help to the diocese.
Jeevodaya Counselling Centre at Vazhappilly, Muvattupuzha was inaugurated in 2007. People of all castes and creeds are given guidance and counselling here. The De-addiction centre here has brought solace and given new life to many a distressed family.
Some of our sisters have been doing meritorious service in the Social Service League of the Kothamangalam diocese for many years. At present four sisters are engaged in field works and related office works in the diocesan centre.

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