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Place : Kochidappady
Parish: Moonnani
Address: Paikeday Athuralayam, Kochidappady, Palai P.O, Kottayam (DT), Kerala S. India
Pin: 686 575
Phone: 04822/212307
Description: The site for the construction of Paikadey Athuralayam was donated by Adv. Manual T. Paikadey with a condition to start a home for the aged namely Paikadey Poor Home. The house was blessed by Mar Joseph Kallarangattu on 28th October 2004. Along with the Aged Home, a Special School and boarding for the differently abled children was started. Now the 25 aged women are living peacefully in the service of the sisters here. They are given food, care, medicine along with the comassioante love of Jesus.

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